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Docs are work in progress. In-depth guides for integration will be added soon.
KnowledgeLayer is a protocol and developer toolkit for building open educational platforms. It provides the core backend components for edtech platforms, including:
  • On-chain courses and NFT-based sales
  • User identities and reviews
  • Escrow payments with dispute resolution
  • Verifiable Credentials
  • Configurable fees system
KnowledgeLayer's tools can be used to build diverse types of edtech platforms, including:
  • Course marketplaces
  • Workforce training platforms
  • Academies
  • Learning Management Systems

Getting Started

Want to get started quickly? uKnow is an open-source fork-able codebase that is available for platforms integrating with KnowledgeLayer to clone and use to get started.

The Vision

Want to learn more about the vision behind KnowledgeLayer? Read the KnowledgeLayer Manifesto.
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